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The happiest people in the world, they say, live in Copenhagen. The following Escort Models are available for your next trip to Denmark. Spend a few “happy” days in the company of an attractive lady from our VIP Escort. Relax and forget everything around you. Your Escort Travel Companion will give you unforgettable moments. Many of our models are also available for a more extensive Holiday Escort.

Escorts for a joint trip to Copenhagen

Discover Copenhagen and its cultural highlights with an Escort

Denmark is a small northern European country consisting of a peninsula north of Germany and 406 islands. Of these, however, only about 70 are inhabited, including the largest and most populous island, Zealand. There you will find the population and cultural centre of Denmark – Copenhagen. Copenhagen is also the capital and is considered the gateway to Scandinavia. The city has much to offer visitors, but a few Copenhagen cultural experiences can enhance any trip to the Danish capital. When you are in Copenhagen, you will find that the city has a vibrant cultural scene. At these hidden spots you can discover great contemporary art, music concerts and inspiring works by Danish artists.

Traditional Scandinavian sauna

One of the best new additions to Copenhagen Harbour is CopenHot. It is a facility on the water that includes wood-heated hot tubs, hot stone saunas and a cold whirlpool. There is also a dock for a dip in the harbour. CopenHot is open all year round and gives you a taste of Danish sauna culture. It’s common to see locals swimming in the harbour in the depths of winter, and you can certainly try out the idea at CopenHot with your Escort in Copenhagen.

Authentic Smørrebrød in Copenhagen

Smørrebrød are a daily staple of the Danish diet, focusing on hearty dishes with fresh ingredients. They are open sandwiches with only one slice of bread per piece, bursting with flavour. Aamanns is a great place to try your first sandwiches: unpretentious and casual, but one of the best places to eat in Copenhagen. Left: Nordic salmon (lox), whipped cream cheese, sliced onions, pickled tomatoes and dill. Right: Goat cheese, pickled red onions, radishes and a whole bunch of tender herbs. Delicious.

The Viking Museum

Another short day trip from Copenhagen is by train to Roskilde, the historic Danish Viking town. A visit to the Viking Ship Museum is a great way to spend a few hours. Viking longboats salvaged from the surrounding fjord are on display here for visitors. Other exhibits explain life in the Viking Age, and in summer you can take a ride on a replica Viking longboat. It is so much more than a museum.

Walk along the Christiania canal

Although the city is known for its independent charm, green neighbourhood, cafés and artistic community, there is one area that is often overlooked by tourists. Christiania is much more than just Pusher Street. Walk up and behind Nemoland, over the old earth wall and down to the water for a lovely stroll along the old moat with your Escort Model. Soon you will hardly remember or believe that you are in the heart of the Danish capital.

Harbour Copenhagen

CopenHot in Copenhagen

Smørrebrød in Copenhagen

The best shopping in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is not only the capital of Denmark, but also an important regional centre for culture, business, media, science, education and shopping. Copenhagen is a typical large Nordic city. The city is connected to Sweden via the Øresund Bridge, which attracts shoppers from Malmö, southern Sweden and beyond. Copenhagen, like the other major Danish cities such as Aarhus and Odense, has a solid interest in prime locations in the main shopping streets. There is also high demand from domestic and international retailers in the shopping centres.


Strøget is not only one of the main tourist attractions in Copenhagen, but also one of the largest pedestrian shopping streets in the world. Strøget runs from Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square) to Kongens Nytorv and includes Frederiksberggade, Nygade, Vimmeskaftet, Amagertorv and Østergade. The streets are lively, well served by public transport and the pedestrian frequency is very high. The average flat size in this area is relatively small.


One of the liveliest shopping districts, Elmegade in Nørrebro is a must when it comes to shopping in Copenhagen. It is a cosy shopping district that attracts many locals and is also a good place for tourists to shop.


For tourists who want to enjoy crowded markets teeming with shoppers, this is the perfect place for them. This is one of the hippest places to shop. Once a small residential area, it is now filled with shopping, bars and cafés. And not to forget for you and your Escorts in Copenhagen: the Michelin-starred restaurant Relæ is located in this shopping district.


If you are looking for the fanciest boutiques and high-end shops, this is the perfect place to shop. Although the shops here are small, they are the trendiest shops in Copenhagen.

The famous nightlife and exclusive Escort in Copenhagen

A night out in Copenhagen is an experience for the ages. Award-winning craft beers, innovative mixologists and some of Europe’s best nightclubs await partygoers in Copenhagen. The Danish capital takes its position as a regional leader seriously and offers visitors plenty of opportunities to let loose and explore the city. Copenhagen has been a major port city from the beginning, so the city has never been short of pubs. Copenhagen’s best nightspots offer everything your heart desires, proving that the supposedly happiest city in the world knows what it’s doing on the booze front.

Strøm Bar

The cocktail bar Strøm Bar at Gråbrødre Torv square in the centre of Copenhagen is gaining recognition in the international bartending world. Here you can get so-called gourmet cocktails where all the ingredients are homemade. Strøm Bar can be found on Niels Hemmingsensgade in the heart of Copenhagen. The bar opened in 2012 and the team behind the so-called gourmet cocktails has won many international awards and nominations. In 2013, Strøm Bar was nominated for The World’s 50 Best Bars list, together with the three other Copenhagen cocktail bars Ruby, Salon 39 and The Barking Dog.


This excellent speakeasy is a Copenhagen institution, located behind an unmarked door in an old canal-side flat in Nybrograde that shares the same entrance as the Georgian Embassy. The mix of old gentlemen’s club and luxurious house party with a view of Christiansborg Castle consists of leather sofas, paintings, carpets and drinks cabinets in the various rooms, which also include a cellar, a courtyard and a smoking terrace. For some of Denmark’s best drinks, come early as it gets very crowded. Oh, and call it “Ruby” and not “Ruby’s” because that annoys the bar staff.

The barking dog

As far as cocktail bars go, there’s nothing better than this. The barking dog is undoubtedly one of the best bars in the world. Located in a basement on a quiet street in Nørrebro, it exceeds all expectations. The cocktail menu doesn’t tell you what kind of drink you get, but what kind of feeling the cocktail gives you. The concept of the bar was a place where you can have a drink without dressing up or shaving, and they have managed to do just that. It is a place where you will always feel welcome with your Copenhagen Escort.


Across the street from Jolene is one of the hottest clubs in Copenhagen – Noho. With its unique décor, fluorescent lights and pink floral ceiling, combined with an industrial atmosphere, it’s easy to mistake it for a New York bar. The Noho has that atmosphere where you don’t even notice how it transforms from a bar into a nightclub. Suddenly the smooth transition is complete and you’re the life of the party. ….But be warned: if you come here for “a drink”, you’ll usually stumble out into the morning with a tired but absolutely delighted smile.

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