Kelly  |  25  |  Cologne

Escort Model Kelly from Cologne

Interview with Kelly

What attracts you to the High Class Escort Service?

It is really exciting. I love the tension before the date. It already starts when I prepare for the date. (laughs)

Which characteristics describe you best?

I am honest, humorous and seductive.

What do you look for in men?

The charisma must simply fit. I like it when I see that you can laugh together. Then I immediately imagine what he will do with me.

Do you have erotic wishes or fantasies?

Of course. But that would go beyond the scope here.

Which famous person would you like to meet?

Mozart. I love his music. And I would like to know whether he is really like he is often claimed in films and books.

What three wishes would you have with the good fairy?

To be able to make myself invisible would be great. Otherwise, health for all my loved ones, of course. And many more dates.

Which holiday type are you?

I can be pretty lazy on holiday. But I don’t mind a bit of adventure.

What can a man look forward to when he books you as an escort?

The time after dinner.


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