Kim  |  24  |  Berlin

Escort Model Kim in Berlin

Interview with Kim

What attracts you to High Class Escort Service?

The interesting men. I enjoy the attention, the great conversation and of course being seduced by a real gentleman.

Which characteristics describe you best?

I am demanding, adventurous and spontaneous.

What do you look for in men?

Intelligence is very sexy. And I love it when you smell good.

Do you have erotic wishes or fantasies?

Far too many. (laughs) I would like to have more dates with couples. And afterwards I will whisper more fantasies into your ear. But not to post here.

Which famous person would you like to meet?

Lech Walesa. Nobel Peace Prize winner and former president of Poland.

Which three wishes would you have with the good fairy?

I fulfill my wishes myself. But to be able to fly would be great.

Which vacation type are you?

I’m not the beach type. I need action. Preferably far away.

What can a man look forward to when he books you as an escort?

My erotic fantasies. (laughs)


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