Maria  |  25  |  Dusseldorf

Escort Model Maria from Dusseldorf

Interview with Maria

What attracts you to the High Class Escort Service?

Of course I am attracted by adventure, the uncertain, the thrill, and I like to be seduced.

Which characteristics describe you best?

I am very communicative, spontaneous and full of relish.

What do you look for in men?

I like beautiful hands and a charming smile.

Do you have erotic wishes or fantasies?

Oh, yes. Lots of them. And I also like to talk about that on my dates.

Which famous person would you like to meet?

I would like to spend a little more time with a monk in Thailand. He doesn’t have to be famous.

What three wishes would you have with the good fairy?

I would like to be able to travel through time, read minds and I would like all my friends to always be well.

Which holiday type are you?

I love Asia. But I am not the beach type. I like to be on the road every day on holiday in Thailand to discover new things.

What can a man look forward to when he books you as an escort?

Good conversations and a lustful time afterwards.


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