Pia  |  26  |  Munich

Escort Model Pia in Munich

Interview with Pia

What attracts you to the High Class Escort Service?

I am attracted by the sparkling atmosphere that is created when two people meet for the first time. You enter into a relationship that becomes stronger and stronger. And, of course, the moment when all the excitement is released appeals to me. I hope to gain many more erotic experiences here.

Which characteristics describe you best?

I am communicative, multifaceted and full of relish. (laughs)

What do you look for in men?

A beautiful smile is very sexy. But I also respect the clothes. Also the shoes. And he has to smell nice.

Do you have erotic wishes or fantasies?

Yes, of course. And I dream about it almost every night. (laughs) I wish for more dates with couples.

Which famous person would you like to meet?

I would like to spend a day with James Dean.

What three wishes would you have with the good fairy?

1. happiness and health for me and all my loved ones 2. to travel a lot and have wonderful adventures. 3. my last wish I would give to someone who is not doing so well.

Which holiday type are you?

Of course I love long distance travel. And then I am definitely not a lazy person. Just lying on the beach is not for me. I also love city breaks. A few days are enough.

What can a man look forward to when he books you as an escort?

An open-minded, humorous, young lady with a lot of temperament. To a cordial communication. And to a woman who likes to experiment. I like to surprise him at dessert!


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