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„The Escort – Sex Sells“

What does the work of an escort model look like? This is the question the journalist Mitch asks himself in the film from 2015, when he finally contacts the escort Natalie and accompanies her in her work. He hopes to get enough material for an exciting story. The partnership between Mitch and Natalie, played by Lyndsy Fonseca and Michael Doneger, quickly develops into a love affair. But, of course, all of this does not just happen harmoniously. The drama remains exciting. But there are also very funny moments.

“Wedding Date”

In order not to show up alone at her sister’s wedding, Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) unceremoniously hires an escort man. This is the classic case that speaks for the service of an escort agency. At the wedding her ex-boyfriend is the groom’s best man and she wants to make him jealous with the man from the escort service.

At first the plan works out. But then it suddenly turns out that neither the bride nor the groom were honest. Suddenly Kat is caught between the two and falls in love with her companion.

“Queen of the Night”

If things are not going well for the organic farmer, what does the organic farmer do? Right, first she works as a waitress in a bar. But because the extra income is still not enough, she starts working for an escort service. She hopes that wealthy customers will book her discreetly, stylishly and expensively for certain hours.

The organic farmer husband agrees, life is an arrangement and the debts are soon paid off. Don’t you think so?

“Girlfriend Experience”

Chelsea / Christine (Sasha Grey) is a highly paid prostitute. She probably calls herself more of an escort model. Because she doesn’t only sell her body, but especially the feeling “girlfriend experience”. This means the perfect illusion. That this beautiful woman is the client’s girlfriend. For this she charges a fee of $2,000 and she really knows how to give this illusion.

But in reality she is with Chris (Chris Santos). But of course the relationship between the two is crumbling. Chelsea is ready to give up everything when she is magically fascinated by a new client.

“Leaving Las Vegas”

Ben Sanderson (Nicolas Cage) has failed both professionally and privately and is addicted to alcohol. Disillusioned and tired he withdraws his last money and goes to Las Vegas. His real plan is to drink himself to death. Through his encounter with the escort lady Sera he finds surprising love and security. Nevertheless, he does not give up his suicidal intentions. He makes Sera promise not to stop his self-destructive descent …

“One step too much”

Nicole is a law student who makes her living by working for an escort service. One evening she meets the wealthy banker Friedrich by chance through her friend and colleague Ines. The older man is lonely, his wife has left him and his children are grown up and have long since moved out. Friedrich quickly falls in love with Nicole. He persuades her to give up her side job. He takes care of her. Buys her expensive clothes and rents her a flat. But Nicole soon gets fed up with it all, can hardly concentrate on her studies, fails exams again and again…

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