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Escorts for a holiday together in Ibiza

Experience Ibiza and the cultural highlights with Escort

Ibiza is not only known for its vibrant nightlife and numerous, near-perfect beaches, but also for its rural setting that few visitors get to see. Festivals by the sea offer a great opportunity to soak up much of the local culture. But to experience real island life, avoid the crowded tourist resorts along the most popular stretches of coastline.

Although Ibiza remains synonymous with endless waterfront raves for many visitors, wiser travellers with Escorts in Ibiza explore the island’s unspoilt north-east, which is covered in dense pine forests and olive groves. Away from the thronging tourist crowds, you can experience the island’s lesser-known charms, including quiet forest trails, secluded coves and outstanding vineyards.


One tradition is very evident from the moment you arrive. Ibizan fincas are built in an architectural style that has not changed for centuries. The fincas never look exactly the same, but they all have the same style and structure. What they all have in common is that the entrance almost always faces south. This is to let in as much sun as possible.

Another thing that testifies to the many traditions that have accumulated on this small island are the names of the villages. All the villages are named after a saint. Every citizen knows when and how the annual festival in honour of the saint of his village takes place.

Picnic on the beach

The locals are also very aware of the beautiful surroundings in which they live. That’s why on Saturdays and Sundays you sometimes see families coming together for a picnic on the beach. Have you already got the desire for an erotic picnic with Escort in Ibiza?

Food is an important part of Ibiza and Spain in general. A lunch can last several hours and while people enjoy their seafood or tapas, they can talk for hours.

Socialising is important, so why not gather around traditional food and enjoy the time spent together? It’s not uncommon to end a meal with a glass of hierbas ibicencas, a herbal brandy that comes in many different varieties. Some families make their own version, often using a secret recipe that has been in the family for generations.

Dance and fiesta

Another way to socialise is to sing and dance, for which Ibicenco people are famous. Some of the songs have been passed down through generations. Grandparents taught their grandchildren the lyrics, which they then passed on to their children.

Experience the “Ball ?Pagés”, an old traditional dance, together with your Escort in Ibiza. The dance goes way back and shows clear signs of old, ancient traditions.

At the Ball Pagés, the man plays a dominant role. Choose your Ibiza Escort to dance by loudly rattling castanets. The woman’s role is more submissive and she does not look at the dancer. Meanwhile, the man jumps and throws his legs in the air. It is considered a privilege to be the first woman chosen to dance.

Almudaina Castle

Ibiza can simply be proud of its rich selection of historical sites and interesting museums. You and your Ibiza Escort will be offered an interesting cultural programme here, where you can learn a lot about the history of the city and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. Without a doubt, the Almudaina Castle is the most important sight on the island.

The castle was built in the first half of the 16th century. It is open to the public, so everyone is welcome to visit the beautifully decorated halls and take a walk through the castle’s long corridors. Archaeological excavations near the castle are not stopping, as scientists have discovered the ruins of ancient fortifications there. One theory is that the first building on the site of the fortress was built as early as the 7th century.

Old Town in Ibiza

Almudaina Castle in Ibiza

La Marina Ibiza

The best places to shop in Ibiza

Ibiza is ideal for shopping. In addition to the fantastic markets, there are plenty of shops with well-known brands and individual designers.

In Eivissa you can really shop, in Dalt Vila you will find antiques, modern art and Ibizan-style clothing. Although the island is not known for its designer shops, it has a very relaxed style that makes shopping a pleasure and certainly a tourist activity you will enjoy doing with your Escort Model.

The best shopping streets in Ibiza

The best shopping street for clothes is La Marina, which is lined with boutiques selling clothes, designer sunglasses, CD stands, ceramic souvenirs, beautiful jewellery, shoes and even tattoos. As you head towards the new town via Vara Del Ray, the shops become more local and affordable, offering everything you could want or need for your Ibiza holiday. Leather goods, flip flops, clubbing clothes, beachwear, jewellery and tourist souvenirs line the streets to tempt your Escort in Ibiza.

Although you never know when the shopping frenzy will kick in! There are beachside boutiques, hippy markets and roadside stalls on every corner tempting you to buy artwork and clothing. And with many shops open late in the summer months, you may well find yourself shopping and clubbing at 1am!

Designer’s Best

This small shop is a must if you want to buy luxury brands. Run by fashion professional Mujda, the shop is known for its industry connections. Browse the racks filled with haute couture labels, including the legendary Alexander McQueen!

Forward-thinking fashionistas, as well as your Escort Holiday Companion, will love discovering pieces from up-and-coming designers. Furthermore, you’ll find garments hand-picked by fashion editors. As long as you shop here, you’ll always be on trend.

Luxury and designer shopping in Ibiza

The opening of a Stella McCartney boutique in the summer season has given the White Island a much-needed fashion boost. With so many A-list celebrities frequenting the island, it’s a surprise the streets aren’t lined with designer boutiques like in Cannes!

Markets in Ibiza

Ibiza is perhaps best known for its markets, such as the hippy Las Dalias market in San Carlos and the Punta Arabi market in Es Canar. Although both seem overly touristy, they are actually great places to spend the day and spend your money.

Reina & Roses

Inspired by Ibiza’s relaxing beats and beautiful sunsets, Reina & Roses’ boho designs were born in Ibiza. Offering a wide range of looks for day and night, this ladies’ boutique is a must-visit during your stay with Escort in Ibiza. In addition to clothing, you will also find a selection of accessories such as bags, belts and jewellery.

Experience the famous nightlife with Escort

Ibiza’s reputation as an island of pleasure has long been cemented. In the sixties, the island was bohemian for a public whose taste for free love and partying became legendary. In the following decades, the clubbing scene fluctuated, but its importance on the world stage remained unbroken. And to this day, Ibiza is considered the clubbing capital of the world. The antiquated rave culture of yesteryear may no longer be there, but the island’s superclubs are now an important part of international business and even more important superstar DJs. Yet the magic of the dance floor still exists.

The jetsetters’ favourites

Beach clubs like Blue Marlin Ibiza, Cotton Beach Club and Nassau Tanit Beach host some of the most exciting events of the year, with a great line-up of DJs and parties all summer long. On the west coast of the island, in San Antonio, is the celebrity hotspot O Beach Club. A popular hangout for footballers and TV stars, O Beach Club is the place to be with the rich and famous.

Or spend a night dressing up, donning jewellery and high heels with your VIP Escort Ibiza. Then Nikki Beach is the place for you. This exclusive beach club with restaurant is located just outside Santa Eulalia and exudes sophistication. You can even arrive by yacht to start the evening in style. Then just sit back, relax and be entertained by the live acts and entertainment programme.

Pool parties

Among the many things Ibiza does so outrageously well is offer pool parties. There’s simply nothing better than enjoying the glorious sunshine, accompanied by fantastic music and a pool to dip your feet into. The lively Ibiza Rocks, in the heart of San Antonio, hosts numerous events at the main pool with big names such as Craig David.

Boat parties

The island also has an excellent range of boat parties. With upbeat music and energetic crowds, this is a great opportunity to dance carefree with your Escort. Some boats even offer water sports and tempting food and drinks.


It’s fair to say that Pacha Ibiza, which opened in 1973, has changed the club scene not only on the island but around the world. What started as a traditional farmhouse with a dance floor outside Ibiza Town is now a multi-million dollar superclub. Pacha is still a force to be reckoned with, with a stellar DJ line-up every night of the week.


Lío is more of a singing and dancing experience than a club. It’s set amongst the glittering superyachts of Marina Botafoch, just a short walk from Ibiza Town. The top restaurant with world-class cabaret transforms into a club at midnight, attracting a glamorous international crowd. The club turns away from the techno sounds you’re used to in the rest of the island and instead focuses on house music, which is easier to dance to.


With a capacity of 10,000 people, Privilege is officially the largest club in the world. The cavernous space in the middle of the San Rafael hills was originally known as Ku, which hosted the famous Manumission nights in the eighties, where Freddie Mercury and Grace Jones performed. Nowadays, the Ku doesn’t have much of a presence, but it still attracts big clubbing brands like Resistance in the summer. Visit it with your Ibiza escort at least once and check out the glass Vista Room, which is flooded with light at sunrise and offers unbeatable views of Ibiza Town.

Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks was originally touted as the venue that brought the soul shaking sound of live music back to the island – Primal Scream, The Prodigy and New Order have all played here in the past. But in recent years, the identity of the place has changed to focus on daytime pool parties that rival any armada with their pink inflatables. Especially if you have the courage to drink one too many piña coladas.

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