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Do you have any questions about booking the Escort Models?

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about escort booking. Should your questions still remain unanswered, please use the contact form or contact us by telephone.

No, there isn’t. We consider the fees to be appropriate and fair. Most of the dates take place in or near the big cities. Therefore, all models offer Escort Service and escort service always and everywhere for the same fees. The travel expenses are calculated for each date in a fair and transparent way and are communicated to you when you book.

We have long thought about giving information only by telephone about the services and preferences of the ladies. However, all models agreed to give detailed information in every sedcard. But for more information about the service, please contact us by phone.

All Escort Models offer preferential hotel visits. Please pay attention to an appropriate atmosphere when choosing the hotel. After all, it is also in your interest that the desired crackling atmosphere is created during your erotic adventure. At trade fairs there are often bottlenecks in the hotels of the upper class. Please contact us then, we are happy to help.

Home visits are also offered by most of our Ladies. Please have a look at the profile of your “chosen one”. And the same applies here as for the choice of hotel: Please create an appropriate atmosphere for your escort date. For new customers we ask for a deposit of 40% on the first house call.

No. For us this is not part of the classic Escort Service. However, we would be happy to help you with the choice of hotel. And, of course, we can also take care of the booking and complete organisation for you in a very discreet way. You will receive the room number from us and the lady you have chosen will be waiting for you there on time.

Most hotels now require a keycard. In this case, we will have an access control system for you at the reception desk. For this special service please contact us by telephone.

We understand that you want to pay the fee as discreetly as possible. Of course, cash payment is possible on every date. At the beginning of the date, give the lady an open envelope with the agreed amount. And please give her a short moment to check.

For customers who would like to avoid this unpleasant part of the date, we have several other payment options. Of course you can transfer the amount to a neutral business account. Furthermore you have the possibility to pay at the more and more popular service of PayPal. Western Union is also possible.

For friends of the credit card we also offer this possibility. Please note, however, that in case of an extension of the escort date it is better to pay the amount in cash.

In general, yes. In a few exceptions, if the lady can reach the hotel in a few minutes and therefore no travel costs are incurred, then of course none will be charged. However, please remember that in cities like Hamburg or Frankfurt this is often not possible. Here the ladies gladly fall back on our driving service or travel by taxi to their accommodation. In all cases, you will be informed of this in advance when booking.

For journeys to the nearest cities you will find information about the travel costs in the profiles of the escort models. If your city is not listed, please inquire about the travel costs by phone or contact form. Often we have to calculate them individually for you or consult with the lady.

All our escort models are either working or studying at university. So none of the ladies is available around the clock. At the beginning of each week we receive your commitments from all escorts, which we take into account in every booking without exception. You can find a first overview of the availability in the current week under “Escort Models available today“. Nevertheless, we ask the model again for each concrete booking request. Dates can often be postponed. So please see this only as a first orientation. So please feel free to inquire by phone.

Very gladly even. Already in our booking form you can express your wishes regarding the dress style of the escort models. For special wishes please contact us with all details about your preferences. The escorts want to please and will be happy to fulfil even the most unusual wishes regarding their outfit.

In many cases our ladies have already bought certain lingerie, stockings or costumes before the date. Please understand that these purchases have to be worn by you and you have to instruct this amount in advance. Of course you also have the option to go shopping yourself. Just bring the desired lingerie, accessories or high heels to the date. We will be happy to inform you of the exact sizes. And the escort models will enjoy showing them to you in your hotel suite.

Escort Service and Accompanying Service is only possible for many of our customers if they can rely on 100% discretion. For Top Model Escort, discretion and reliability has been the highest maxim since the beginning in 2013. Many celebrities from politics and showbiz have already made use of our services. So be assured that your meeting with one of our escorts will remain your common little secret.

Of course. Whenever possible we use the services of the same photographer. Her handwriting is also clearly visible in the portfolio. Some of the photos were also taken with the same backgrounds. Never before has a customer complained that the pictures deviate too much from the original. Nevertheless young ladies change. They like to change their hair colour and hair length. We always try to keep the pictures up to date and organise photo shootings at regular intervals.

Of course we cannot send uncensored pictures with every request. And with new customers we refuse to do so on principle. However, we have created the possibility for you to register in our VIP Member Lounge. At every future shooting we will post the uncensored pictures with the lady’s consent. In addition, we will provide insights into “Behind the Scene” of such a shooting.

Of course, this is very different. Some of the escort models prefer to travel by car. Others like to use our car service if possible. In many situations this is also decided spontaneously. To get from Düsseldorf to Cologne by train is often faster and more relaxed. And most first class hotels in Cologne are in the immediate vicinity of the main station. From there it is usually only a few minutes by taxi.

Of course. Top Model Escort attaches great importance to regular health checks. But the escorts act in their own interest and have these tests carried out independently. Also in the course of the new ProstSchG of 2017 these checks must be carried out annually. For escort models under 21 years of age, even twice per calendar year.

We take great care to ensure that the prospective escort model, as they say, has both feet firmly on the ground. Most of them are students with a normal social background. Many of them are real models by the way. Choose your escort model now at Top Model Escort. You will see that most people will think she is your girlfriend. After all, you yourself determine the outfit that matches your wardrobe. Only the admiring and envious looks will be noticeable when you enter a restaurant together.

Please do not enquire until you have concrete travel plans. And please do so as early as possible. Only then can we act professionally.

Unfortunately, no general statement can be made about the lead times. Of course, the personal diary of the escort models plays an important role in this. Furthermore, fairs naturally change the amount of booking requests. We always plan with the ladies only for the current week. We therefore do not recommend a previous enquiry of more than two weeks. Often an escort date even works out if you inquire on the same day. And we know that spontaneous ideas are often the best.

Corona Update 2020:

In general, all escort models will gladly accompany you on your business trips. And of course they will also be happy to accompany you on your well-deserved holiday. However, some ladies have asked us to remove this from their profile for the time being. At the moment the planning for such ventures is too complicated. After the crisis has been overcome, all escorts are available for travel as usual without exception. Until then please check the profiles of the ladies.

No. Contact by telephone or e-mail before booking is not desired. It is the task of Top Model Escort to clarify everything organisational in the run-up to a booking. This includes details such as the exact meeting point and the dress preferences. Do you have any further questions, wishes or other comments about an escort date? Then please send them to us. We will immediately consult the lady and promise you a prompt reaction.

Once the date is fixed, your “chosen one” will confirm the date by telephone. You will have the opportunity to hear her voice. Furthermore, you can of course briefly discuss all other details that are important to you.

What man does not occasionally dream of being spoiled by two hot women at the same time? When it comes to this, Top Model Escort makes men’s dreams come true.

Please let us advise you in detail before booking several escort models. You and we want this escort date full of sizzling eroticism to be a real hit for everyone. Basically we recommend booking Escort Ladies who already know each other. Who have gained experience with joint duo dates.

Whenever possible, our High Class Escort Service will fulfil your wishes for a Duo Date. In the sedcards of the models you will find if your desired lady is available for such dates. Please let us discuss everything else by phone.

You have arranged a date with Top Model Escort and have to cancel at short notice? We know that you were looking forward to the date just as much as the Escort Lady was. So it is a regrettable situation for everyone. But of course we understand that business appointments can be postponed. That appointments often take much longer than planned.

As long as the lady has not had any expenses, there are of course no costs for you either. Perhaps you would like to make up for the date at the next opportunity. However, please reimburse us for any costs incurred, such as train or plane tickets. Top Model Escort proves again that customer friendliness is the most important thing besides discretion.

We understand that you cannot get enough of our irresistible escort models. If it fits into the schedule of the escort, you can of course extend the escort date at any time. Also gladly until after the common breakfast in the hotel. As far as the planning of our Escort Agency is concerned, nothing stands in the way of an extension. We do not accept dates for the models, the same evening or the night after your time together.

Here you have an insight into “Behind the Scenes” from the latest shootings of the escort models. You will also see all uncensored pictures of the ladies who have given us their consent.

Regular customers who have already booked at least 3 times with our VIP Escort Service will get access to the exclusive Top Model VIP Member Lounge. After the 3rd booking you simply ask for your personal password by mail or phone. After a successful check we will send you the access data by mail.