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You would like to apply as an Escort and still have questions?

Reasons for the Top Model Escort Service

Financial freedom

Are you still in training or just starting your studies? Create the financial leeway you have only dreamed of so far. In addition to your job, studies or training, you can fulfil your wishes with additional income. And you can concentrate fully on your training.

Free time management

You don’t always have to have time with us, but you can accept dates whenever you want. At the beginning of each week we will discuss with you the possibilities of employment to take into account all private commitments.

Consideration of your interests

For each escort date we provide a perfectly coordinated preparation and you will receive all relevant information. You then decide whether you want to accept or not. We will not give you any instructions whatsoever.

Possibilities outside your residence

Top Model Escort is active all over Germany. For remote regions our driving service is available in most cases. Many of our customers also book a lady again and again for their travels within Europe or for appointments in other cities in Germany. So if you like to travel, we offer you the opportunity to get to know many interesting cities in Germany and Europe.

There are 3 possibilities how you can apply as an Escort Model with us.

  1. Please fill out the application form below carefully.
  2. Send us a mail with all important key data and some pictures
  3. Just give us a call. The best way if you have many questions about the Escort Service or about our agency.

We prefer the application with the form here on the page. This will provide us with all the important data we need for evaluation. And you have the opportunity to complete your application with just a few clicks. You will immediately receive a confirmation that we have received your application. Please give us one or two days to respond. In very rare cases we may need a few days more.

If you do not want to reveal your real identity with your first application, please use a pseudonym. Maybe the name that you would like to use for your profile. However, it is important that you give true information about your age, height, weight etc. And of course a few meaningful pictures.

Of course you can also send us all these details by e-mail. Some ladies prefer this way, and write us a little more about you.

The third possibility is a call to our agency. Please understand that it can be that we are very time consuming. Of course we will try to answer your first important questions. And we can also get a first impression of you. But maybe we will ask you to continue this phone call at another time.

Now we are looking forward to your application!

Not all customers “only” decide according to the pictures. Many, perhaps even most, are naturally also interested in the erotic service. Even if this is usually only a small part of the date.

But it is of course your decision what you want to offer. Best you decide what you really like to do and what you can do with a certain passion. Have a look at a sedcard from our portfolio. We give the same information about the service for all ladies. For more detailed enquiries please call our customers.

Ungerne. But in exceptional cases we have already done so. Especially when we couldn’t get a date for a shooting at short notice. But we have to make sure that you have the picture rights to the photos before. And they should fit into the portfolio.

Otherwise we prefer a photo shoot with our photographer from NRW. Your handwriting is recognizable in our portfolio. And we would like to keep that. You will receive the pictures in the original. We will use the slightly resized pictures for further processing and to create your sedcard. You can determine the degree of pixelation of your face yourself. All other information in your profile will be created truthfully.

In the first years of our Escort Agency we experimented with many photographers. For seven years now, we have only commissioned our photographer from Düsseldorf. But of course we have established contacts with many other photographers from all over Germany over the years, who would like to photograph you in our spirit. Honesty and real pictures always pay off and help you to succeed.

Of course. During our cooperation we are always available for you by phone. Even during your appointments you can reach us by phone at any time, even at night.

Top Model Escort has many national and international clients. Satisfied customers recommend us daily. And of course, our Escort Agency is always represented in all search engines and advertises specifically on corresponding other portals on the Internet.

Our aim is, of course, that you feel safe and well looked after. Many regular customers worldwide speak their own language. On these dates we have a feeling of absolute security. And you can have that too.

We also guarantee absolute security by screening our new customers. And we provide you with all our information before each date. So you always know what to expect before the date.

Of course everything about the key data of the date. But also everything we know about the client and the hotel. And of course everything about the customer’s wishes, so that you can prepare yourself optimally for the date. A last telephone confirmation of the escort date on your part will give you the opportunity to get an impression of the customer yourself.

No. All our escort models prefer hotel visits. But many of them are also willing to make house calls. You know that we only accept bookings for house calls if the setting is suitable. We always assume a good residential area and a suitable ambience for such bookings. You are also welcome to decide from booking to booking whether you would like to accept this house call or not.

Of course not. But you will soon find out that you can absolutely trust us regarding the bookings. Most escorts do not ask for more after only a few bookings. You know that we have checked the clients and the locations with absolute care. Furthermore, you can still get a personal impression of the customer before the booking in a short phone call. If the time has come here and you do not want to accept the date, we accept your decision in full.

Yes. Of course we will regulate our cooperation in a small contract. But here are more of our obligations listed. You can of course leave the agency at any time, without giving reasons, and terminate the cooperation. Your profile will then be deleted as soon as possible, at the latest the following day. And of course we will also delete all other personal data of you.

All your personal data is for internal purposes only and will be comprehensively deleted after our cooperation has ended.

Our customers stay predominantly in renowned 4 or 5-star hotels. In your homebase plus a maximum of 50 km the minimum booking time is 2 hours. For further distances we will jointly determine the minimum booking and travel costs. Of course, much longer dates will also take place in your homebase. The average booking is 4 – 6 hours. Regardless of the distance to your date, we always try to achieve a pleasant atmosphere of familiarity and serenity.

You will of course receive the fee for the time of the escort date. In addition, the travel expenses and any other expenses incurred will be paid by the client.

This cannot be answered in a general way. It depends a lot on your pictures and the service you offer. But mainly it depends on your flexibility and spontaneity. And whether you are also willing to travel or accept escort dates in more distant places.

Absolutely. At the beginning of each week we discuss your possibilities to accept escort dates. Your private and professional obligations will of course be fully taken into account. We are also happy to contact you by phone for any enquiry. So you have the possibility to decide individually whether you want to accept the date.

Of course we try to do that. And over the last few years we have noticed that more and more customers are booking a certain time earlier. Probably simply to have better planning security. Which makes it a lot easier for us and for you to plan the date.

However, there are still many spontaneous booking requests. Especially during big fairs. But we also understand that. Fair days are exhausting. And often our customers have other commitments on the agenda in the evening. If there is an opportunity for a date at short notice, we are always happy to provide support. Also in your sense.

There are no costs for you. Your travel costs and expenses are paid by the customers. And if there are any costs for booking train tickets or plane tickets for a date in advance, they will be paid by the customer. For regular customers, our agency will take care of advance payment.

We understand that it is important not to neglect your work or studies. It is therefore up to you to decide. Do you have free time for such bookings? Are you keen to travel? Are you spontaneous and do you enjoy visiting another city in Germany at the weekend? Then let’s go.

We look forward to receiving your application.