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Escorts for a holiday together on Mallorca

Discover Mallorca and its cultural highlights with Escort

Mallorca is a beautiful Mediterranean island with wonderful weather, breathtaking landscapes and delicious cuisine. It is the largest of the Balearic Islands but unlike mainland Spain, it has a rugged landscape and a very different quality. Rocky mountains and lushly forested slopes drop steeply to the sea.

Along the picturesque coastline, dramatic cliffs offer sensational vantage points, and pristine coves sparkle with crystal-clear waters. Holidaymakers are also enthralled by the historic towns and charming villages, which boast tourist attractions such as medieval churches, ancient castles and art museums. The beauty of Mallorca is the combination of culture and nature.

On the same day, you can visit the capital’s magnificent Gothic cathedral with your VIP Escort Mallorca and then sunbathe on a pristine beach. Stroll through the walled medieval village of Alcúdia, then be inspired by a 15th century monastery or relax in the sophisticated seaside resort of Puerto Portals.

With so many things to do on this idyllic island, it’s easy to find reasons for a week-long or longer holiday. Discover the best places to visit with your Escort Mallorca companion.

The cultural capital Palma de Mallorca

Situated on the coast, the capital city of Palma de Mallorca charms its visitors with an alluring Mediterranean setting and a wealth of cultural attractions. Two impressive buildings, the cathedral and the castle, give this city the prestige of other capitals in Europe.

The magnificent Catedral de Mallorca (La Seo) overlooks the Old Port and looks like a beacon of faith from afar. The monumental sandstone building dates from the 13th century, but was not completed until the 17th century.

In the cathedral’s Capilla Real (Royal Chapel), Gaudí’s gigantic canopy is shaped like a crown of thorns. In the Capilla de la Trinidad are the sarcophagi of Kings Jaime II and III. From the terrace on the south side of the cathedral there is a magnificent view of the bay.

The old town of Alcúdia

Surrounded by lush greenery and pine forests, Alcúdia is one of Mallorca’s most picturesque towns. This beautifully preserved walled medieval town is also known for its interesting historical monuments, delicious cuisine and traditional festivals.

The town is some distance from the sea and was fortified for protection against pirates, who were a danger in the Middle Ages. Of the old city walls, only the Xara and Palma gates and the bastion of Sant Ferran from the Renaissance period remain. Alcúdia has a very special charm with its winding medieval alleys, ideal for an excursion with your Escort Model from our agency.

Puerto Portals: A glamorous seaside resort

This glamorous seaside resort on the southwest coast of Mallorca is a popular destination for the Spanish royal family and other trendy visitors. And you are also in good hands here with your VIP Escort Mallorca. Fashionistas flock to the upscale restaurants and designer boutiques located along the waterfront promenade of the yacht-filled marina. Swanky cars add to the scene, making Puerto Portals seem like a smaller version of Monte Carlo in Monaco.

Gourmet dining is a popular pastime. Many of the cafés and restaurants have outdoor terraces where you can enjoy the sun and the scenery. Some of the best addresses include the traditional Flanigan restaurant, which serves Mediterranean cuisine. The Ritzi, a hip place with live entertainment, and the Baiben, a Michelin-starred restaurant. Furthermore, the Cappuccino Grand Café, which has fantastic terrace seating under shady umbrellas.

Be sure to show your Escort in Mallorca around Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera is a charming fishing village on a stunning coastline with calm turquoise waters and a relaxed atmosphere. The whitewashed houses of the village are grouped around a hillside that reaches down to the water. Here, many local fishermen go about their daily work mending their nets.

Early in the morning, the fresh catch of the day arrives at the docks to be sold at the market and then made into delicious seafood dishes.

As befits a coastal town, Cala Figuera has a wide selection of fish restaurants serving fresh fish from the region. Along the harbour, a picturesque footpath leads along the water and then up to the cliffs. Enjoy the fantastic view of the bay with your companion here.

Palma de Mallorca

Puerto Portals on Mallorca

Cala Figuera on Mallorca

The best shopping on Mallorca

From classy designer boutiques to quaint artists’ studios, high street shops and traditional markets, the island of Mallorca offers a multitude of options for a shopping spree. Whether you’re looking for a handmade souvenir, a designer swimming costume for your Escort or a unique piece of handicraft. You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here.

With its mix of cosmopolitan flair and deep-rooted traditions, the island of Mallorca offers something for everyone. Come to Palma for a weekend of shopping and discover hidden treasures in the city’s art galleries, antique shops and designer boutiques. Or head to the seaside resorts where you’ll find the best beach items and sailing clothing and accessories. If you are looking for authenticity, visit the inland towns. Potters, leatherworkers, glassblowers and vegetable growers have their stalls in the weekly markets here. There is a whole world of possibilities in Mallorca!

Palma de Mallorca

For shopping, Palma’s compact size is a great advantage. The city’s main shopping streets are the Passeig des Born, the Avinguda Jaume III and the pedestrianised cobbled streets and old arcades around the Plaça Major and Plaça Cort.

Shopping at the marinas

Marinas are usually good shopping destinations on the island. Puerto Portals, Port Adriano and Port d’Andratx are generally focused on designer shopping. Affordable fashion and gift boutiques can be found in Cala d’Or, Port d’Alcúdia and Port de Pollença.

Passeig des Born

The beautiful Passeig des Born is one of Palma’s best-known shopping streets, where you’ll find sophisticated men’s and women’s fashion from designers such as Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Mulberry and the popular boutique Uterqüe in Spain. Looking for luxury jewellery and watches in Mallorca? Be sure to visit Relojería Alemana along Passeig des Born and in some of the marinas.

Outside Palma

Other hotspots for designer shopping are, of course, the marinas. Puerto Portals, also known as the ‘Millionaires’ Marina’, is the epitome of glitz and glamour when it comes to designer fashion. Port Adriano and Port d’Andratx also have a selection of designer shops if you want to really indulge yourself on the island.

Experience the famous nightlife with Escort

Mallorca is famous for the nightlife it offers to locals and the international crowd. There is an eclectic mix of lively bars and nightclubs here that attract a wide variety of guests. From young holidaymakers to yacht millionaires and everyone in between, you’ll find a bar to suit you. The capital Palma is the main hub as it is lively all year round, but the beach resorts also offer a great selection of bars and clubs when they come to life in the summer months.

Beach resorts – the ultimate in summer fun

During the summer months, Mallorca’s beach resorts are buzzing with activity. In the infamous Magaluf area in the southwest of the island, the streets are lined with bars and clubs looking to party at all hours of the day and night during the high season. S’Arenal (or Playa de Palma) is also a hotspot for night owls looking for a party in the summer months, attracting mainly German youth. Port d’Alcudia in the north is probably the liveliest place in the area to go out at night. There is a good selection of restaurants at the marina and a complex of music bars and nightclubs that are popular with visitors to Avinguda Tucan.

Marinas and harbours – luxury nightlife

Some of the more elegant marinas are bustling in the summer months and tend to house the better restaurants and bars. The marinas provide a beautiful backdrop for al fresco dining. After dinner there are plenty of bars where you can dance with your Escort Mallorca until late at night. Port Adriano, Puerto Portals, Cala d’Or, Port de Soller and Port d’Andratx fall into this category.

Fiestas & Festivals – Summer Parties

During the summer, many resorts and villages celebrate fiestas, which usually involve one or two evenings of live music, parties and fireworks. These fiestas are great fun and should be part of your holiday planning! Check our events calendar when you arrive to see which fiestas are taking place during your stay.

Wine bars

Palma has some fabulous places to enjoy a glass or two of wine. Many of the upmarket bars and hotel bars have a good wine list, mainly of Spanish wines. Stroll the streets of La Llonja with your Escort and look out for the signs with ‘vinya’ or ‘vino’ to find a wine bar. The Wineing Bar offers a rustic Spanish ambience combined with the modern process of tasting cards. Another recommended place is the 13% restaurant, which offers a huge wine list with over 120 wines from all over Spain. If you prefer to sample wines from around the world, seek out Wine Industry Wine Bar in Santa Catalina.


Spaniards love to party. As a rule, party-goers on the island go clubbing until well after midnight and dance until the sun rises the next morning. Whether you are 18 years old or retired, sometimes you just feel like taking your evening to the next level. So if you are looking for a long night out with your Escort in Mallorca, don’t miss the following places in Mallorca.

In summer, most bars in the old town of Palma are open until around 2am. If you want to dance the night away, you should go to Santa Catalina or the marina. In Santa Catalina there are several bars and clubs open until 5am, such as La Demence for clubbing, Kaelum for classic party music or Brooklyn Club for DJ mixes. Down by the marina along Paseo Marítimo there is a good selection of nightclubs. Pay attention to the music playing that night to see if it suits your party.

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