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Prague is rich in history. And what better way to experience this melting pot of cultures than with a VIP Escort? Whether you want to explore this fascinating city by day or by night, Top Model Escort Prague is your Escort Agency for a sensual weekend or more in the “Golden City”. Pick the right Holiday Escort in our portfolio now and look forward to an unforgettable time.

Escorts for a holiday together in Prague

Enjoy with Escort Prague and its cultural highlights

Charles Bridge

If you ask someone “What is Prague famous for?”. They will probably tell you Charles Bridge. Perhaps the most dreamlike medieval bridge in the world, Charles Bridge is a picture-perfect landmark and an iconic symbol for the city of Prague.

Named after King Charles IV, the bridge houses 30 Baroque-style sculptures of saints along its entire length. It crosses the Vltava River and connects the Old Town (Staré Město) with the Little Quarter (Malá Strana) of Prague.

The Gothic fortified towers at both ends of the bridge shape the silhouette of the city. Climb the towers with your Escort Model to enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city!

Astronomical Clock

Just like Charles Bridge, Prague’s Astronomical Clock is one of the city’s most famous attractions!

This medieval clock on the Old Town Hall dates back to the 15th century and features an astronomical dial and a zodiac ring representing the stars. The clock was built around 600 years ago, making it the oldest astronomical clock in the world still in operation today.

Every day from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., the Prague Astronomical Clock attracts tourists who want to watch the “walk of the apostles”. When the clock strikes the hour, the mechanical figures of the 12 apostles move in the window of the tower.

The Old Town

A leisurely stroll through Prague should definitely be on your list. Make your way together with your escort to the Old Town or Staré Město to visit one of the most picturesque places in Europe!

The Old Town Square, with its winding cobbled streets and imposing Gothic towers, is the perfect place to soak up Prague’s medieval atmosphere. Today it is a UNESCO-protected tourist destination.

Czech food & beer

Prague is an excellent city for foodies, especially meat lovers. Traditional cheque dishes focus on meats such as beef, pork and chicken. Goulash is a hearty, fragrant stew of meat and vegetables, heavily spiced with paprika. It is served with knedlíky, bread-like dumplings. The ultimate cheque speciality is the juicy pork knuckles served in restaurants. They are said to be the best in the world, especially when washed down with a refreshing beer….

Did you know that more beer is drunk per capita in the Czech Republic than anywhere else in the world? Pilsner was born here, and Prague produces some of the best beer brands in the world. Beer drinking is a way of life for the locals, and pub crawls are popular at stag and hen parties all over the city. Good, inexpensive beer can be found in classic pubs, beer bars and on tap at small and medium-sized breweries.

Charles Bridge in Prague

Old Town in Prague

Astronomical clock in Prague

Shopping in Prague

When listing the many things Prague is famous for, shopping may not immediately come to mind. Boisterous bars and the best beer in Europe? Definitely. Beautiful architecture, popular attractions and quirky history? There’s no shortage of all that. Beneath the surface of the magnificent buildings and church spires lies an underrated collection of designer shops, independent artists and fun businesses.

The Czech capital doesn’t necessarily have a central shopping district, that’s just not common here. Instead, the best shopping in Prague comes in the form of pop-up shops and outdoor markets scattered all over the place. There are some really cool souvenirs to be found. Get a metro ticket withyour escort in Prague or hop in a taxi. And off you go.

Local designers

The Czech design scene has exploded in recent years and young talent is now everywhere. Whether you’re looking for unique accessories, modern porcelain, backpacks and textile accessories made from unusual materials, or simply something new to take home, you’re likely to find it in Prague.

An amazing selection of design items can be found at the Mint Design Market, which usually takes place three times a month in Prazska trznice, a neighbourhood of historic buildings near the Vltava River that have been renovated and now house farmers’ markets and shops. Mint offers the best of indie fashion and design – hand-picked pieces from independent designers, home decor, hand-sewn bags and suitcases, original jewellery and even hand-bound books and albums.

If you’re in Prague with escort at a time when the Mint Market isn’t on, visit the CZECHDESIGN Gallery & Shop. A team of design experts selects only the best products from the highest quality materials for the shop.

Klára Nademlýnská, one of the most famous Czech fashion designers of today, gained her experience in Paris, the capital of fashion. Her shop is located in the heart of the Old Town, just a few steps from the Old Town Square. The minimalist design of the boutique corresponds with the clean lines of her mostly monochrome garments made of high-quality materials. The luxurious clothing is aimed at women and is offered in limited collections.


Shopping arcades (also known as passages) are an unusual shopping experience, usually confined to the old town. Most arcades date back to the 19th century. The criss-cross pattern of the arcades makes them a bit of a maze. Don’t be surprised if you come out in completely unexpected places when exploring the shops in the passages.

For you and your escort, we recommend the Lucerna Palace Passage. This Art Nouveau labyrinth near Wenceslas Square is perhaps most famous for the hanging statue of St Wenceslas by artist David Cerný. The Lucerna Passage houses a number of cafés, a cinema, a theatre and a range of boutiques selling all kinds of unique products.

The famous Prague nightlife with Escort

Prague’s nightlife has a reputation that now extends far beyond Europe. Visitors flock here in search of the mythical bars where the beer is cheaper than water and where the Czech craving for Pivo knows no end.

Sure, you can find these things, but a night with Escort in Prague is so much more than a cliché. After all, this is a Central European capital city. A city that has long been the centre of the world around it. The city with all the bars, pubs and clubs to prove it. A night out in Prague is one of the great experiences and with our agency you will find the right holiday companion.

The best places to go out in Prague are almost always outside the centre. Of course, it makes no sense to ignore the tourist-friendly pubs of the centre. That’s why every guide to nightlife in Prague tips its hat. Both to the Old Town and to the magic of Smichov, Holešovice and the other neighbourhoods. Vitejte v prazi.

Prague National Theatre

Prague’s rich, artistic folklore comes through well in every Czech opera performance in this neo-Renaissance theatre. Since its foundation, it has played a significant role in the development of the Czech language, music and dramatic arts in the country. It has the largest ballet company in the city, giving between 5 and 7 performances depending on the season. Performances include Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Laterna Magika, Cinderella and other famous pieces.

Boat trip on the Vltava

Spend your evening together with dinner on the Vltava River, the longest river in the Czech Republic. Enjoy the illuminated beauty of Prague on a cruise with breathtaking views of the river. Although you are in a capital city, you can feel the presence of nature. Near Charles Bridge, you can see the highlands and the slopes of the magnificent Petrin Hill from the river. To start an enchanting evening with Escort in Prague, dine at one of the riverside restaurants. Or enjoy a buffet of hot and cold dishes right on the ship.


This upscale lounge on the prestigious Pařížská shopping street is an American-style bar. With a sleek interior and an extensive, mean cocktail menu. The bar opened in 1995 and was an immediate success as the first real cocktail bar in Prague. Renovated in 2002, the bar impresses with its modern, colourful interior and world-class cocktails to match.

The clean and attentive staff will skillfully mix your creative and delicious drinks. This is the perfect place to start your evening with Escort in Prague, especially if you are looking for a good cocktail. The bar offers over 200 creations, expertly prepared by friendly and professional bartenders. The clientele of Bugsy’s ranges from politicians to top professionals to the young and beautiful. Snacks are available for those in between.

Hemingway Bar

In the Old Town, a magical quarter of Prague that resembles a labyrinth, is the equally atmospheric Hemingway Bar. Named after none other than Ernest Hemingway, the American writer. He was known for his quick pen and his love of alcohol. So the classic cocktail bar is reminiscent of a bygone America, when Prohibition was still in effect and law enforcement officials were just waiting for the 18th Amendment to be broken, while speakeasies served firewater into the wee hours of the morning. Even at the risk of getting caught.

But don’t worry. At the Hemingway Bar, you don’t need a password to enter and drink. The Hemingway Bar has experienced bartenders who make delicious and strong cocktails with high-quality products and fresh ingredients. The bar also offers some variations on traditional cocktails to keep you on your toes. Furthermore, a unique absinthe variety. And the rum selection is also unique, with over 200 different varieties.

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