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Discover Warsaw and the culture of Poland with an Escort

Warsaw is a city in constant change. After 20 years of investment in infrastructure, the city has recently increased funding for culture. This is driven by the city’s candidacy for European Capital of Culture. Warsaw has a rich cultural tradition and is famous for its nightlife. You can see a performance at the Warsaw Philharmonic or a band at Powiekszenia. Warsaw also has many unique events, including the Night of Museums in May, when all museums are open around the clock.

Palace of Culture and Science

Warsaw’s iconic Palace of Culture and Science is one of the city’s most famous buildings. It has received many nicknames over the years, including “Peking” (PKIN is the Polish acronym for Palac Kultury i Nauki) and “Nightmare of a Drunken Confectioner”, coined by Polish poet and soldier Władysław Broniewski.

It was built in the 1950s and presented to the Polish people as a “gift” from Stalin. The design resembles the famous seven towers of Moscow. However, many Warsaw residents have a divided opinion of it. Some love it because it is a beautiful building and part of the rebirth of the city after the 1944 uprising. Others hate it because it reminds them of the communist times when the country was part of the Eastern Bloc.

The Old Town

This central part of the city is considered one of the country’s most important architectural treasures and is a World Heritage Site. Warsaw’s Old Town was carefully rebuilt after the massive destruction of the Second World War. During reconstruction, workers sifted through the rubble to salvage decorative elements and bricks from historic buildings, using the pieces in their original places whenever possible. The central square with its cafés, shops and restaurants is an ideal starting point for your tour with Escort in Warsaw. Stroll together through the cobbled streets and admire the medieval architecture.

Łazienki Królewskie Park

The Łazienki Królewskie is no ordinary city park: it includes a long lake with an 18th-century summer palace in the middle, as well as a botanical garden and an amphitheatre that hosts free plays, performances and Chopin concerts during the summer months. Located in the city centre, the 76-hectare park is well worth a visit on a hot summer’s day.

Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego

The Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to the uprising of the resistance movement against the Nazi occupation in 1944. Although the uprising failed, it remains a proud event for Poland as it represented the largest military effort by a European resistance movement during World War II. Opened in 2004, the museum displays hundreds of artefacts, including weapons and love letters written by some of the most prominent insurgents. Through audio and video displays, you can learn more about the brave citizens who gave their lives in an attempt to liberate their city.

Fryderyk Chopin Museum

Described as the most modern biographical museum in Europe, the Fryderyk Chopin Museum is a real treat not only for Chopin fans but also for anyone interested in the period in which Chopin lived and created. The collections include printed copies of his works, his correspondence and personal memorabilia, spread across 15 rooms, each of which is its own mini-exhibition.

Old Town Warsaw

Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science

Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw

The best shopping in Warsaw

Warsaw’s shopping scene is as diverse as its population. From huge shopping complexes to small designer boutiques, from local souvenirs to open-air markets, you’ll find it all in Warsaw.

With Warsaw’s growing reputation as a major business centre, you can expect the central shopping streets to be lined with classy boutiques and designer shops. There are more than ten new modern shopping centres of massive proportions.

HE Concept Store

A classy place for a classy boutique. Here you will find some of the finest items Polish and international design has to offer – all of which can only be found at the HE Concept Store. Enter the Europejski Boutiques area of Raffles Hotel Europejski from Krakowskie Przedmieście and descend the mysterious spiral staircase that leads you to a showroom of chic and elegant design. Works of art, high quality handmade items, accessories, gadgets and top fashion for your Escort in Warsaw. There is even a wine bar where you can buy wines and even taste them on the spot.

Mokotowska Street

Mokotowska Street is one of Warsaw’s most beautiful streets, having survived the war and retained its old character. The tall, ornate tenement buildings have been renovated to accommodate expensive boutiques, restaurants and spas.

Visit the street if you feel like a stroll or window shopping. Or if you want to buy something special for your Escort in Warsaw from one of the Polish fashion designers. Look around, meet some Polish celebrities and enjoy the charm of Mokotowska Street.

Galeria Mokotów

One of the oldest and most prestigious shopping centres in Warsaw, where many celebrities and personalities shop and browse the fashion collections every day. Many of the celebrities have their homes in the neighbourhood. Galeria Mokotow is a place where you can spend a whole day without leaving the building. There are all kinds of shops here and a huge selection of restaurants. For celebrities, delicious food and a huge selection of brands, clothes and gadgets, this is the place to be.

Złote Tarasy

A pretty new addition to Warsaw’s eclectic architecture in the city centre. Right next to the main railway station and the Palace of Culture and Science. It is the city’s most modern shopping centre and houses more than 200 fashion and gadget shops under its curved glass roof. It also houses a huge multi-screen cinema, dozens of restaurants and numerous relaxation areas.

Enjoying Warsaw’s famous nightlife with Escort

The explosion of bars and clubs in Warsaw in recent years means you’re never far from a fresh beer or a decent nightspot. Local knowledge, trends and the Superman-like ability to dart through the city in a flash by taxi are prerequisites for a successful night out. But that’s why you have the VIP Escort Warsaw.

Most of the chic bars and glamorous nightclubs can be found around Pl. Piłsudskiego and Pl. Teatralny. Warsaw’s young artistic crowd prefers the down-to-earth clubs and bars that have sprung up in the neighbourhoods across the river: Stara Praga and the fashionable and increasingly gentrified Saska Kępa.

Aura Bar

With its high ceilings and beautiful design with oriental patterns, warm lighting and brass fittings, Aura exudes a real atmosphere and gives a friendly neighbourhood feel. What makes it special, however, is the huge selection of bourbons. Here, drinks are served in mugs and the seasonal cocktails are as delicious as the atmosphere. If an old-fashioned is your favourite, then this is the place to be, serving 11 unique variations of the classic drink. Refreshingly relaxed, but definitely sophisticated.

Level 27

Level 27 is one of the best examples of the rooftop bar trend. Here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sprawling city and a fabulous mix of relaxation, cocktails and clubbing. It all starts with the view on Level 27, because from the 27th floor of the Millennium Plaza building you have a sweeping view of the Polish capital’s many skyscrapers. When the weather is nice, a huge terrace with two bars, cool white sofas and waving palm trees awaits you.

The View

The View, another party venue in a skyscraper, is a nightclub like no other. A night party on the roof of the tallest building in Warsaw! The 1000-square-metre space includes two dance floors and several bars and is an absolute must for every party-goer. International DJs also spin here and play a range of music genres throughout the week.

Opera Club

Located in the basement of the Grand Theatre of the Polish National Opera, the Opera Club is a real insider’s tip. The huge, modern club has a seductive oriental décor. Comfortable sofas, stone walls and Buddhist-style furniture create an enticing atmosphere. In the bar there are small rooms available for VIP Escort Warsaw clients. There is space for lounging, a sushi bar for snacks and a dance floor where popular DJs play every weekend. The Chinese shadow theatre in the middle of the hall is one of the main attractions of the seductive club.

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