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Escorts for a business trip together to Zurich

Discover Zurich and its cultural highlights with Escort

Depending on your country of origin and previous cultural experience, different people will find it differently difficult to adapt to the local culture in Zurich. As Switzerland is located in the centre of Europe, its culture is naturally very similar to general Western culture, especially that of Western European countries. However, as Switzerland has four official languages, the local culture is very different in different parts of Switzerland.

The National Museum

The National Museum in Zurich, which stands right next to Zurich’s main railway station, is reminiscent of a fairytale castle. However, if you step through the archways into the inner courtyard, you will also find a modern new building that counterbalances the original building, which was constructed in the style of historicism.

The rooms and halls of the National Museum house the largest collection on the cultural history of Switzerland: Arts and crafts, everyday objects, sculptures and paintings from prehistory to the present tell many interesting stories. In addition, the National Museum highlights socially relevant topics in various special exhibitions.

Zurich Opera House

Decorative performance house, opened in 1834, for classical and contemporary opera and ballet, as well as guided tours. The magnificent neoclassical opera house on Sechseläutenplatz dates from the 1890s and was designed by the prolific Viennese architects Fellner & Helmer. In the square, you can take a minute or two to look at the busts of famous cultural figures on the façade. Mozart, Wagner, Schiller, Goethe, Shakespeare and Weber all have their place here. The opera house continues to enjoy a high reputation and in 2014 received the prize for the best opera company at the International Opera Awards.

FIFA World Football Museum

Modern museum with over 1000 football-related exhibits, a sports bar, restaurants and a library. The FIFA Museum is located in the Enge district and opened in 2016. It is spread over three floors in a mixed-use building and is smartly designed. Regardless of how you feel about football’s governing body, the museum is a must-see for all lovers of the game. Even if you are travelling with Escort in Zurich. The exhibition takes you back to the beginnings of football and documents every World Cup since the first one in 1930.

Beyer Watch Museum Zurich

In the basement of a time-honoured watch shop, this museum shows the history of watches. The private museum on the noble Bahnhofstrasse offers a lot of space in a small area. The collections show the history of timekeeping and watchmaking and include artefacts dating back to the 15th century BC. If, after admiring more than 300 rare and priceless timepieces, you feel the urge to buy your own watch or give one to your Escort in Zurich, don’t worry – the museum is located in the renowned watch boutique Beyer and Patek Phillippe.

National Museum in Zurich

Opera House in Zurich

Fifa Museum in Zurich

The best shopping in Zurich

Whether you like a stately department stores’ that caters to all your needs, a hip boutique in a side street or a dusty vintage shop with a line for forgotten fashion. You’ll find it all in Zurich.

The main shopping area is around Bahnhofstrasse, which runs from the main station towards Lake Zurich. Fashion chains like Mango and Zara have taken over much of the lower half of the street, which used to offer a more atmospheric and authentic shopping experience. The brands gain prestige the closer they get to Paradeplatz, the banking district. Here you will find classic department stores like Grieder alongside luxury brands like Dior and Chanel.


Do you have some spare change to buy something? Then don’t come to Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. You might need a bank loan here if you want to buy something. Bahnhofstrasse has the reputation of being the most expensive shopping street in the world. Some of the most famous fashion houses have branches here – Armani, Gucci, Prada. There are also Rolex, Cartier and Tiffany shops.


Grieder is dedicated to popular luxury brands. There is a concept store on the top floor and the café with terrace is a good meeting place. At Grieder you will find some of the most popular luxury brands under one roof, including Burberry, Akris, Isabel Marant, Diane von Fürstenberg, Chloé, Stella McCartney and many more. The concept store on the top floor sells a variety of original items, and the café with its terrace is a great meeting place for you and your Escort in Zurich.

Freitag Tower

The Freitag Flagship Store on Hardbrücke is an eye-catching tower made of rusty, recycled freight containers and a must-see on Zurich’s design mile. Freitag is one of Zurich’s best-known brands, and the inspiration for the design of their bags made from recycled tarpaulins comes from the motorway bridge over which the shop passes. The shop houses the largest selection of Freitag bags, and there is also the option to enjoy the view from the top of the container tower.

Number Two in Seefeld

This boutique in a side street is somewhat reminiscent of the cult Parisian shop Colette. Here you will find all kinds of products and clothes with that certain something. The main focus is on up-and-coming designer fashion for men and women, but there are also cool and pretty accessories as well as jewellery, candles, beauty products, travel books and even a range of vintage furniture to browse. In the summer months, there is a small café and an outdoor terrace, which is becoming a cosy meeting place for Seefeld hipsters for coffee or lunch. The shop extends over several floors, including a shop for children’s fashion, books and toys. Be warned, it’s hard to leave the shop empty-handed.

Experience the famous Zurich nightlife with Escort

The most popular place for nightlife in Zurich is the old town on the left bank of the Limmat River with its many bars and cafés in the side streets such as Niederdorfstrasse and Oberdorfstrasse. New bars and clubs are opening all the time in the city, especially in the fourth and fifth districts, Zurich West, around Langstrasse and Escher-Wyss-Platz. Information on club nights and events can be found in Züri Tipp.

Old Crow

This incredibly friendly backyard bar in Zurich offers a selection of more than 1,200 rare spirits, all available by the glass, with a special focus on whiskies, bourbons and ryes from the personal collection of bartenders Markus Blattner and Jvan Paszti. In addition to classic cocktails, they also serve rare and forgotten blends alongside their own creations.

Enjoy rarities like the 1963 Glen Grant 50 year old or a 1964 Final Edition Bowmore Black Label 31 year old with your Escort in Zurich. There is also a huge rum collection with the 50 year old Appleton Estate Jamaica Independence Edition. For gin fans there is the mega rare Tanquery Malacca from the 1990s in plastic bottles and the coveted Monkey 47 Distillers Cut 2011. For your Escort Model there is a huge champagne collection.


Located on the ground floor of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, this stylish bar offers everything your cocktail heart desires. The staff is quick, even when it’s very crowded – whether at the bar or at the table. The red bar stools, the black tables and the wooden shelf behind the bar give the place a stylish atmosphere – the public honours this by their appearance: stylish, well-dressed, but not too chic. A good breakfast is also served.


This stylish bar fills up with smart business people and the trendy Zurich crowd looking for one of Barfly’z’s delicious cocktails. With more than 200 different options, including an extensive list of vodkas, rums, whiskeys and tequilas, this place leaves little to be desired. During the day, the bar serves a decent lunch menu as well as earthy coffees. With its unpretentious and simple ambience, Barfly’z offers a relaxing flair while maintaining a sense of casual elegance.

Café Odeon

Perhaps Zurich’s most famous bar, the Grand Café Odeon opened its doors on Belle Vue Platz in 1911, bringing the style of Viennese coffee houses to the city with its Art Nouveau interior, high ceilings and chandeliers. James Joyce, Albert Einstein, Benito Mussolini, Lenin and Trotsky already sat here at the bar or in the corner to read the daily papers. Later, the bar became the first in Zurich to serve champagne by the glass. In Zurich, they call it “Cüpli”.

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